Spoken Word

“Who Wants To Be A Beatle?”

Beatle-t-shirtadjust-smallTales from the shadows of fame and fortune written and told by David Kaufman at the Coffee Fix in Studio City, CA on March 7, 2008.

80-minute DVD, $12.99

“Sentimental Journey” (sample clip from “Who Wants to be a Beatle?”)

“Birth, Life and Death: The Movie”

Performed at the Coffee Fix in Studio City, CA on September 7, 2012. David Kaufman presents a refreshing perspective on the fascinating and exciting movie we are all starring in.

70-minute DVD, $12.99


bld show 6

“Premise” (sample clip from “Birth, Life and Death: The Movie”)


Originally broadcast on Los Angeles radio station KPFK September 6, 2008, this eight-minute story spans four decades and tells a tale of “civil disobedience with a psychedelic attitude.”