Coming at you like a snowman from the ocean (?!?!?!), Zed Jones delivers another adventurous album of diverse sounds and attitudes. If he wasn’t so enticing you might call him schizophrenic. The contrasting front and back cover art itself bears witness. So who is the real Zed Jones? Consider:
The driving guitar urgency of the title track,
The summer sounds, congas and quasi-reggae of “What’s the Difference?” “Hope You Had Fun” and “Hell on the Heart,”
The essential lyrical truth of “Neat and Tidy,”
The epic sweep of “The Little Things,”
The unstoppable elephant march of “Hold You in My Mind,”
The comic opus “Stripper,” which is nothing less than the unspoken story of mankind, complete with sexy “fembot” vocals (Wait for the exciting conclusion!),
The musically muscular but psychologically delicate “Nora No” (Rumor has it this song was inspired by a Vincent Price horror movie of the 50’s),
And what the hell does a sincere nightmare depiction of 911 have to do with any of this? From the point of view of a plane passenger?
(Never you fear. The guest vocal from Senator John McCain does NOT constitute an endorsement.)
The album’s concluding instrumental leaves us with more questions than answers, combining aural images of Arabian nights and spaghetti Westerns.
And yet, in Zed’s world, where a sitar can inhabit the same song as a saxophone, it’s all classic POP ROCK. The unique stamp of Zed is easy to recognize, impossible to categorize — Obviously!