Spectator Slowing

As hordes of fans chase the mythic pop star through the cosmic jungle of a psycho-wonderland during “The Adrian Ballswicke Theme” an unseen ringmaster announces adventures to come. “Spectator Slowing” is the perfect metaphor for Ballswicke’s world view of “If everyone knows what the problem is, why do they act so stupidly about it?”

The album may be primarily about turmoil, conflict, frustration and loss but Ballswicke cannot exist without humor and romance. Probably the “happiest” song on the album combines them both when “The Wedding” goes hysterically awry. The heartbreak of “Unlovable” combines an eclectic assortment of instruments reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel with a lyrical sketch of love in its most complex form. And then there is “Rhapsody in Green,” a sincere ode to the environment, originally written for an L.A.-based group of ecological do-gooders and later covered by the female Russian pop trio Unvasion. The album climaxes with the ultra-depressing grunge of “My Blood is Dripping”, which finally gives way to the acoustic samba release of “Till Death Us Do Part”.