The Power Of Balance

Very early in his musical career Zed Jones received a blessing-in-disguise. A national music paper gave a scathing review to a three-song tape he had sent in. The singer-songwriter took a hard look at himself and recognized that a big change was in order. With not much more than his guitar and a lot of guts, he left Los Angeles for his native New York City and started knocking on doors. Persistence paid off when he scored not one but two exciting jobs in the industry. Each unknown to the other, an independent record label and a music publishing company simultaneously employed Zed as a staff writer for the next two years.

The catch was that he was an uncredited ghostwriter, assigned to clean up the work of numerous collaborators, as well as pump out his own material. His songwriting craft was honed to a fine point by the time his compositions (with others and alone) topped 500. Of course, Zed was plotting his inevitable return to the City of Angels all along, squirreling away a private stash of the best stuff for his own personal use.

When the time came, Zed did it the hard way. No five-hour plane ride like before. The return trip was by car and took two years to complete. You might say he took the scenic route. The trek was made up of countless performances in a wide range of venues across the U.S.A. He played both as a solo acoustic act and with pick-up bands along the way.

Where did he perform? You name it. Rock clubs, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, lodges, parks, a nudist colony, a roller skating rink, a video arcade, rest homes, daycare centers, food courts, theaters, casinos, the AMTRAK train! By the time Zed reached L.A. he was a battle-hardened music veteran. The reviews took on a decidedly different tone.

Under a variety of colorful monikers, Zed Jones has so far produced five CDs of his own material, playing most of the instruments himself. Although not a household name, he is proud to make a living as a musician in Los Angeles, the most competitive music town on earth. Brisk CD sales through the internet and at live shows indicate a bright future.