Senior Citizen Facilities

I play the good old songs from the good old days!


[See videos and photos from past performances.]

I get a personal thrill from making Residents come alive again by performing favorite songs from “their time.” Sometimes they get up and dance. Sometimes, eyes still closed, they just wiggle their fingers and toes. Whatever their functioning level may be, I take pride in having mastered the subtle art of entertaining seniors.

Many performers base their act on how much equipment they haul around. My set-up is simple: One small speaker, a microphone, my guitar and myself. One more thing I always bring: My heart. I don’t sing along to pre-recorded music, I play the music myself. Even if there was a power outage I could still do my show. My classically-trained voice can fill a room as I walk around strumming my guitar. In fact, many facilities prefer this approach. Whether strolling or standing still, I interact with the Residents and give each and every one the personal attention they need and deserve.

I have been performing for senior citizens professionally since 1999 and have performed in more than 150 facilities. I work seven days a week, including holidays. Activity Rooms, Candlelight Dinners, even individual room visits. I do it all and I do it with a sense of joy, honor and pride.

On August 26, 2005 I was featured on the Channel Four News at 5:30 with Doug Kriegel. Sophie, a Resident at the Jewish Home for the Aging, told me, “You put gold in my heart!” I say, “Good music makes happy Residents!”