Solo Casuals

My song list includes many of the most cherished songs of the 20th century. Other performers may serve “canned music” but I always make it up fresh!

From the chaos of a moving train (AMTRAK Coast Starlight) to the intimacy of a nursing home bedroom, David Kaufman is experienced and comfortable performing in an unusually wide range of venues. Restaurants, mobile home parks, lodges, birthdays, grand openings, weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, churches, family reunions, even funerals. He’s done ‘em!

dk blue 3Regardless of who he’s playing for, David likes to put his audience at ease with a casual, friendly style, eliminating the “invisible wall” between audience and performer. David’s presentation works as listening music, background music, or even dance music. David can perform at a stationary microphone or while strolling through a crowd. The important thing is connecting with the people and making them feel comfortable.

Specializing in music for the over-40 set, David’s repertoire includes popular music spanning most of the 20th century. From Sinatra to Elvis to the Beatles to Elton. From Americana to Broadway to Country to Tin Pan Alley. Familiar warhorses. Lost chestnuts you wish you heard more often. Even patriotic, holiday and camp songs!


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